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The Private Gardens at Fredensborg Palace photo: Thomas Rahbek, SLKS
Explore the Royal Family's Summer Residence

Guided Tours of the Palace and The Private Gardens

Since the reign of Christian IX the Royal Family has been moving into the palace for the summer months. Over the centuries, the Royal Family has made its mark on the idyllic surroundings. From July 1st until 6th August you can join a guided tour of the Palace and the Private Gardens and learn about the history of the palace and its gardens

Guided tours

Tag den royale oplevelse med hjem

  • Fredensborg skærebræt

    Fredensborg skærebræt

    649,00 DKK

  • Fredensborg honning

    Fredensborg honning

    55,00 DKK

  • Slotsgartnernes dagbog

    Slotsgartnernes dagbog

    269,00 DKK

  • Fredensborg tørklæde

    Fredensborg tørklæde

    799,00 DKK

  • Fredensborg bog

    Fredensborg bog

    349,00 DKK