Fredensborg Slot. Foto: Thomas Rahbek, Styrelsen for Slotte og Kulturejendomme

Royal Palaces

Explore the Danish royal palaces

For centuries, Danish kings built magnificent palaces. They shot up in the landscape with soaring spires and glistening copper roofs. From their gables and cornices, angels and lions made of sandstone would look down on the king’s subjects.

Game on a silver platter and wine in crystal glasses

Inside the palaces, the halls sparkle from the chandeliers, crystal glasses and silverware. Gilt ornamentation made of pure gold meanders along the panels and ceilings, around Chinese silk murals and finely woven tapestries.

No expense was spared. The king had to demonstrate his power and status. Not only with canons but also with aesthetic beauty.
Explore the royal palaces
Within the walls of the palaces, Danish kings would plan wars, rendezvous with lovers in secret chambers and dine on sumptuous dishes with exotic fruits from faraway lands and wine sourced from the finest grapes.

The fairytale world of the Danish kings and their queens at the royal palaces is part of Denmark's cultural heritage.

For centuries, the palaces enclosed a secret and exclusive world, but now these royal residences are open to the public.

Welcome to the Danish royal palaces