The horses in the Royal Stables snorting at the napes of the visitors’ necks

The Royal Stables

The Royal Family's horses have been living in the stable complex since the 18th century

There have been horses in the Royal Stables since 1740. The stable complex and the two stable wing buildings (which also include the Court Theatre) are the only buildings to survive from Christian VI’s pompous Baroque palace.

When Her Majesty the Queen holds New Year levees and other banquets at Christiansborg Palace, the beautiful white horses are hitched to the coach in splendid gala harness ready to convey their royal passenger. The stable’s finest vehicle is the Golden State Coach. It was built in 1840 and is coated with 24-carat gold leaf. The oldest coach in the stables is Queen Dowager Juliane Marie's state coach which dates from 1778.

Guided Tour of The Royal Stables

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