Monster - stygge skabninger med store følelser Thorkild Jensen_1920x830

Monster - Beastly beings with big emotions

Family exhibition in The Ruins thorugh 31. October

Go on a monster hunt in the ruins

Explore an imaginative universe filled with colorful creatures. Multi-artist Shane Brox has created an army of sensitive monsters that illuminate the dark ruins of the exhibition Monster – Beastly beings with big emotions.

Which emotions are activated when one is bullied, has anxiety, is in love, sad or happy, and why do we sometimes become afraid of what we do not know? These are feelings that we all have, and feelings that both adults and children have in common - among themselves, but also with the people who lived in the Middle Ages.

Meet 12 creatures based on historical monsters that were relevant in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Each monster has been linked with a feeling that, long before the Middle Ages, has driven us humans.

Shane Brox has explored notions of scary and eerie but also comic creatures from history. The exhibition gives a more colorful picture of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance than we are used to. 

Today, children still encounter monsters such as basilicas, devils, vampires, and other spooky creatures in the tales they surround themselves with in books, games, and movies. At the same time, new forms of monsters are being created in modern society. The fear of not appearing good enough on social media, the fear of epidemics, climate change and terror affect us, just as the monsters have always done. 

The exhibition focuses on these emotions through Shanes Brox' creatures and medieval monsters. It creates a space where it is obvious that both children and adults can talk together about the universal emotions that drive us just as they did in the Middle Ages. 

The monsters are made from recycled materials, and even though they were created for the exhibition, the emotions they represent are as old as the medieval ruins they take up residence in throughout the exhibition period. 

When: In the period 9 February - 31. October 2022 (Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 - 17:00)
Where: Ruinerne, Indre Slotsgård, 1218, København K
Price: Children (0-17 years) free. Adults DKK 75 *


* Upgrade your ticket to a Palace ticket. The palace ticket gives you further access to the Royal Representation Rooms and the Royal Party Kitchen (as well as the Royal Stables during the opening period from Easter to the autumn holidays and Christiansborg Castle Church on Sundays). The upgrade costs DKK 85. Children under 18 are free. You can upgrade your ticket in ticket sales.