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Summer at Christiansborg Palace 

Here the kingdom's most distinguished gala dinners are held. Both in the Royal Stables, the Royal Kitchen and in the Royal Representation Rooms there is a buzz of bustle, and here there are fun activities for the whole family.

Compete, for example, about who can build a beautiful croquembouche cake the fastest. Experience how a royal carriage ride through Copenhagen feels, experience Shane Brox's popular exhibition, which has filled the Ruins with monsters and much more.

Join a carriage ride through old Copenhagen

When the Queen's white horses pull the beautiful carriages through the cobbled streets of Copenhagen, it rumbles. Outside the carriage you can hear the people who have turned up on the sidewalk. Each one of them showed up to get a glimpse of the carriage's prominent passengers. In the new installation in The Royal Stables, you can experience how a royal carriage ride through the old Copenhagen feels like.

Build a croquembouche cake and design your own floral decoration

The Royal Kitchen is simmering and bubbling. Presidents and members of royal families from all over the world are invited and the menu is important. Confectioners and flower decorators are busy creating their festive cakes and colorful table decorations. Compete against each other in the difficult discipline of stacking a croquembouche cake and making your own bouquet for the finely set tables with the magnetic flowers in the flower room.

Practical informations:
The Royal Representation Rooms, The Royal Stables, The Royal Kitchen and The Ruins
 Until 7. August
Included in the entrance ticket, children under 18 free.