Nyborg Castle

One of Denmark's oldest royal residences

NB: Nyborg Castle is closed due to restoration and renovation until 2023.

The present Nyborg Castle's history dates back to around 1200. The dense, low tower and the basement of the castle building are the remains of the original fortress, which was surrounded by a 1.5-metre thick ring wall with semicircular corners.

Due to its central location, the fortress became the site of the so-called Danehof assembly meetings of the nation’s most powerful men for some 200 years until Erik of Pomerania made Copenhagen the capital.

The fortress was enlarged through the centuries, and became more of a castle under Christian III in the mid-16th century. During the Dano-Swedish wars of 1658-59, the castle suffered such serious damage that it lost its status as a royal residence and began to decline. This was not halted until the 1900s, when the ruins were restored.

The Museum at Nyborg Slot

Since the 1920s, the castle has served as a museum. The public can see old furniture and models of the castle, as well as an exhibition of Nyborg as a garrison town in the years 1670-1913.

Today there is a museum in the preserved main building


Slotsgade 34
5800 Nyborg


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