Rosenborg Castle

The 400-year-old Renaissance castle was built by Christian IV whose colourful personality left a strong mark on Danish history. Christian IV loved being in residence at Rosenborg and it quickly became his favourite castle and venue for many important events.

Today visitors can travel back in time and through the possessions of Christian IV and his heirs get a sense of both everyday life and the festive aspects of royal life through 400 years. The rooms and halls testify to pomp and pageantry, but also to peculiarities, secrets, and a view of the world which was in some ways like ours, and in others very different.

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The Kings Gardens

The King's Garden is Denmark's oldest royal garden  and is a popular place for  Capenhageners to meet and relax and for  children to play in the artistic playground. The Renaissance  style garden  was established by King Christian  IV in the early 16oos. Among the attract ions to be enjoyed her e are the  impressive herbaceous borders, numerous historical sculp­ tures, and Krumspringet [ 'The Caper')  - a restored Renaissance park with a pavilion, espaliers and rose  gardens.

Opening Hours

Open from 7 a.m. to between 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. depending on time of year.


Øster Voldgade 4A
1350 København K