Søndermarken photo: Thomas Rahbek

Exercise and sport

Guidelines for sporting events in the royal gardens

The paths and green lawns of the palace gardens are a popular route for runners. The palace gardens can be used by running clubs and for holding large and small sporting events.

The Agency for Culture and Palaces requires the following information:

  • Name of your event.
  • Where you wish to hold your event.
  • The date and specific times you wish to use the gardens.
  • Detailed description of the course and marking of the route on the map.
  • List of all the equipment you will be bringing with you to the event.
  • Description of the route including drawings/graphics.
  • Anticipated number of participants.
  • Will the organiser be charging participants to take part?

We do our best to meet the requirements of organisers for sporting events. We have no set rules on what you can use the palace gardens for. You should therefore send us a description of your event and indicate how you wish to use the venue. We will then look at what is possible and give you expert advice to ensure that what we can offer matches your requirements as closely as possible.


The cost depends on the size of your event and your proposed use of the facilities.

What you need to do

Please contact The Agency for Culture and Palaces by e-mailing slotshave@slks.dk for further information and to book the facility.


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