Fairs, festival concerts, exhibitions

Events in the Royal Palace Gardens

Fairs, festival concerts, exhibitions

The royal palace gardens provide a splendid setting for large events. From concerts to lifestyle fairs.

Events in the Palace Gardens

If you would like to hire a palace garden for your next event, please write to slotshave@slks.dk.

The Vanguard festival is a music festival held in Copenhagen’s Søndermarken, attracting some 10,000 visitors annually. For two days, the gardens buzz to the sound of hip-hop, soul, R&B, funk, boogie, afro- and electro jazz.

Stella Polaris has returned to Frederiksberg Gardens. The city settles down on the green lawns to unwind to the sound of electronic music.

The Arla Food Festival whets the appetites of children and adolescents in The King's Garden. The food festival last for three days and is accompanied by live music.

We do our best to meet the requirements of event organisers. We have no set rules on what you can use the palace gardens for. You should therefore send a description of your event and indicate how you wish to use the venue.

The Agency for Culture and Palaces will then look at what is possible and give you expert advice to ensure that what we can offer matches your requirements as closely as possible.


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