The Ballroom Kronborg Castle photo: Thorkild Jensen


Wedding receptions at a royal palace or a palace garden pavilion

Wedding receptions at a royal palace or a palace garden pavilion
The Royal Family has celebrated romance for centuries by arranging wedding receptions steeped in pomp and pageantry in the royal palaces and gardens. You too can now hire the royal venues for your wedding reception.

Weddings at Kronborg, the magnificent Renaissance banqueting castle
Kronborg Castle was the setting for one of the happiest marriages in the history of the European royal family. Frederick II lived with the love of his life, Queen Sophie, at the castle at the end of the 16th century. Nobles from all over Europe came to attend sumptuous, all-night banquets in the castle’s magnificent ballroom.

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An idyllic garden wedding in Bernstorff Palace Garden

Queen Louise's Teahouse can accommodate a party of up to 25 people. This delightful thatched building is surrounded by the pink and white roses that Queen Louise cultivated.

The Orangery can accommodate up to 50 people and looks out over trellises of apples and pears. In the evening, the lanterns make this glasshouse sparkle like a crystal.

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Wedding on a deserted island – The Trekroner For

Board a boat and sail to the Trekroner Fort island which stands at the entrance to Copenhagen harbour. The island has clear views of the sky and harbour and the birds of the air. Drink with your guests at the top of the casemates building and enjoy dinner in a rugged setting under the vaulted roof of the fort.

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The Brewhouse

Tie the knot in Christian IV’s old Brewhouse and hold a reception with the 400-year-old sculptures of the Danish kings as your guests.

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Café Hercules in The King’s Garden (Kongens Have)

In Christian IV's pleasure gardens, with the king’s canopy of trees forming a beautiful backdrop, you can have a small wedding reception in Café Hercules, the old pavilion which dates from 1773.
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What You need to do

We will do our best to meet your requirements when it comes to your wedding reception. We have no set rules on what you can use the royal venues for.

You should therefore send us a description of your event and indicate how you wish to use the venue. We will then look at what is possible and give you expert advice to ensure that what we can offer matches your requirements as closely as possible.


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